About Me

"I'm an all round techie who loves to make stuff"

My name is Daniel Cotton and I make almost everything digital! Designing and developing everything from attractive and functional websites to innovative and engaging mobile apps.

I'm passionate about making things with technology and love to solve problems.


Design and Development


I had previously made a website for CI LTD, and following this I was tasked with updating the site with a fresh, clean and bright new look. I achieved this through the use of 2D design elements, which allowed use of vector images to enhance responsiveness of imagery. The new website has now launched!

I'm A...

During a 'headstart' course at The University of Sheffield, as a group project, I collaborated to develop I'm A. I'm A is a website that allows likeminded, creative individuals to find each other and collaborate, via the internet. For the project, I took a lead on design, however for the in progress re-design I will be overhauling the backend development in addition to the entire frontend.

Capella Academy of Dance

Capella is an upcoming Dance Academy in Berkswell, Warwickshire. In designing the website, I envisioned a focus on a sophisticated, simple design but with an injection of fun and colour. I believe that the resultant site stresses both the elegance and fun of learning dance.


Cross Platform Apps & Games


As a user of android wear I was looking for a more unique watch face, and I became inspired by an image I saw of a satellite. The result was Orbit, a fun, unique android wear watchface with smart looking flat illustration and smooth watch movements. The watch was designed from the ground up for Android Wear, including square and round displays, featuring smart, crisp visuals on a simple, yet elegant watch face.


Living in a house of 5, I was regularly asking people to buy something the next time they go to shop for groceries. I thought that if I could create an app that synchronised a shopping list between a group, this would make this process much more efficient. The result of this is Checkout, an app that makes shopping, synchronised. An Android and soon to be iOS application.


The idea for this app project came when I attended a juniors football tournament and I noticed that people had to constantly return to a central tent to discover results of matches, which no-one had done before. I decided to pitch the idea to the club and the result was this app, used at the Massey Ferguson 2011 tournament, which tracked all matches and results into league tables. Over the weekend of the tournament the app was downloaded over 500 times, with exposure to around 3000 people at the tournament. The app coincided with a BCS Coventry competition, which it won.

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